My new home

Roadworks. Credit

Roadworks. Credit

If you’ve come to my site before,  you will notice that some things are now different. Due to technical difficulties I had to change providers and start my website from scratch. is my new home now.

Since August 28 2015, I couldn’t access my website or my emails. Since my emails are transferred to my main Gmail account, I have all my emails and I could still contact clients and colleagues. I must admit that I don’t know what happened to the prospects I reached mid August, especially those to whom I gave business cards pointing to my old address.

This is a different story for my website. I had no backup whatsoever of my blog posts and other pages. Lesson learned : I now have a plugin

I could recover my blog post with the Internet archive. I will start publishing evergreen articles and get started on new content. 

Have a good one, 


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